Junior Lecturer Beliz ÖZEL


Education and Work

DDS: İstanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry, 2013

PhD: İstanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Endodontics2019

Dr:    Yeditepe University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Endodo

Beliz ÖZEL

Articles and Publications


  • A Baysan, A Sleibi, B Ozel, P Anderson. The quantification of surface roughness on root caries using Noncontact Optical Profilometry—An in vitro study, Lasers in Dental Science 2 (4), 229-237
  • Kıvılcım B, Aksoy MK, Dindar S, Ozel B. Treatment of a cutaneous odontogenic sinus tract of endodontic origin: a case report, Turk Endod J 2018;3(1):23–25
  • Ozel B, Baysan A, Anderson P. Effect of Bioglass on Root Caries-An in vitro Optical Surface Profilometry Study: 132. Caries Research. 2015 Aug;49(4)


Poster Presentations

  • Characterisation of interfacial area formed between calcium silicate based materials and root dentine- B.Ozel, P. Anderson, 2019 IADR-BSODR Division Congress
  • Different Management Approaches for Traumatized Permanent Incisors, B.Ozel, R.Erisen – 20th APEC Congress
  • Evaluation of Calcium Ion Diffusion through Coronal Dentin: an ISE study, B.Ozel, P.Anderson, R.Erisen- 66th ORCA Congress
  • Calcium release from Bioactive Endodontic Cements: an in-vitro ISE study, B.Ozel, P.Anderson, R.Erisen - IADR/PER General Session
  • Management of an orthodontically induced external root resorption: a case report, B.Ozel, R.Erisen– European Society of Endodontology Congress
  • Effect of a bioglass containing dental products on root caries by the employment of non-contact optical profilometry, B.Ozel, A.Baysan, P.Anderson – 62th ORCA Congress
  • Calcium release from bioactive glass on dentine: in-vitro ISE comparison, B.Ozel, A.Baysan, P.Anderson – 47th Meeting of CED- IADR/NOF Congress
  • Surface roughness measurements on carious dentine using non-contact optical profilometry, B.Ozel, A.Baysan, P.Anderson, BSODR Divison Congress


  • CED-IADR Travel Stipend Award, IADR General Session
  • Johnson&Johnson Travel Bursary, British Society of Oral Dental Research Meeting
  • Travel Stipend Award, CED-IADR/NOF Meeting
  • Travel Fellowship Award, 62nd ORCA Congress
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